Let's talk brands...

Nothing irks me more when I hear that Eyelash Extension stylists get their brands off E-Bay or Amazon. A well-trained, passionate, stylist should always do extensive research before choosing his/her brand to put on their clienteles eyes. With that being said, I have four favorite brands so far that my clients can choose from depending what look they want. I will list the four brands and some information about them. The information will be a lot to take in, but don't worry, you essentially just need to let me know what look you're trying to achieve and I will choose your Curl, Thickness, and Lengths myself. This information is just here for educational purposes. Here is the break down:

1. Borboleta: Borboleta Eyelash Extensions are known to be the best brand of Eyelash Extensions on the market. Their eyelash extensions are darker than other brands, therefore, more noticeable. Their lengths range from 3mm-20mm! That is some serious length! The most common lengths that I use are 9mm-14mm. The thickness ranges from .07-.25. The most common thickness that I use is .15 & .20. Any thickness past .20 is very damaging to your natural eyelash. What I love about this brand is that they have a great selection of curls to choose from. The three curls that I use from this brand are C-Curl, CC-Curl, and D-Curl. 

2. Bella Lash: Bella Lash could equally also be the best brand of Eyelash Extensions on the market. Bella Lash came out with "Royal Lashes" and they are feathery, light, and BEAUTIFUL. These are my favorite brand to put on my clients. Their lengths range from 8mm-15mm. The thickness is either .15 or .20. The three curls that I use from this brand are B-Curl, C-Curl, and D-Curl. Bella lash has a glossy finish on their eyelash extensions so it really brings out the extensions without ruining that natural look!

3. SugarLash Pro: SugarLash Pro are a premium brand of synthetic or real mink eyelashes! I have noticed that this eyelash extension brand is lighter, color wise, than the other brands. So if you are really looking for a natural eyelash extension brand, this is the one for you! Their lengths range from 8mm-14mm. The thickness ranges from 0.07-.18. The three curls that I use from this brand C-Curl, D-Curl, and L-Curl. What is unique about this brand is that they offer different colored eyelash extensions! So if you're feeling spontaneous, you can have purple, green, or even glittery eyelash extensions! If you are interested in those, you will have to let me know in advanced as I don't have them in stock unless a clients asks for them specifically. 

4. Lash Tavern: Lash Tavern is another great brand that has a great selection of natural, great quality, eyelash extensions. This brand offers a new trend called Flat Eyelash Extensions. This just simply means that the eyelash extension will lay directly flat onto your natural lash versus sitting on top of them like other eyelash extension brands. The lengths range from 8mm-15mm. The thickness ranges from 0.15-.20. The three curls they offer are B-Curl, C-Curl, and D-Curl. 

**The three types of adhesive glue I use are from Borboleta, Lash Tavern, and Bella Lash. All of my adhesive glue will be thrown away after 6 weeks and replaced with a new one. Old adhesive is the top leading cause of irritated eyes! I also offer sensitive adhesive if you know your eyes are sensitive. I have done extensive research on all of my adhesive and none of my clientele have had any issues with them.